Guy Raymond has developped and refined a flawless and highly creative marketing technique.

All photo displays and presentations are set forth in selected events and spaces. Shootings subsequently take place in our strategically located modern studios.

The Guy Raymond team are versatile and competent. They understand the company's thorough satisfaction and targets, and are willing to work towards constantly improving their standards by giving special attention dedicated to all clients.

Corporate Photographs :

Available in our studios, group corporate photographs benefit from our extensive experience developed over the past 20 years. Be it to transmit pure strength, competence or team spirit, the Team can accurately transmit the subtleties of your specific corporate image.

Flexible and adaptable packages are available, closely in tune with current image diffusion standards and budgets.

Combined Corpo-Solo packages are also available.

Leaders-Signature : Private shootings with Guy Raymond, designed for business, community figureheads.

Strength of character, leadership and vision, trust Guy Raymond to find in yourself the example, the model to rely on. A special attention to affirm leadership!

Dare to bare !

Most people imagine artictic nude photographs as being an erotic celebration of perfect bodies. First of all, the client is always the only decision-maker as to the level of nudity he or she will be comfortable with. The partial or total unveiling of one's well-being is personal. Such a master painter, the Artist finds his models' most special characteristics to splendidly project your attributes.

Guy Raymond's incredible mastery of retouch, developed over years working with the best guarantees the image perfect stance with the moment, bettering, finding and crafting all body types, be they static or moving and bring them forth as a large board work of art.

Art and technology come to a perfect mix to express beauty and class when Guy Raymond transforms subjects into Characters!

So…Dare to Bare !

Artistic nude Photographs :

The supreme expression of softly glowing bodies, underlined, touched and celebrated in pure respect.

Unique, lasting creations, superb canvasses emerge to ravish, charm the eye and steal time : pure pride in body expressions.

Affordable, exclusive shootings for both individuals and couples.

NU2 !

Masterful Collection, exclusively moving artistic genius creations : Guy Raymond's best. State of the art work.

Privileged sessions, exciting and tantalizing moments in time. Creations, evolutions, beauty sparks to be found in closeness with the Artist.

Especially for connaisseurs, the NU2 Masterpieces are unique expressions of their time, impelling their force and Passion. Unforgettable moments for you or as a couple.

Private sessions with Guy Raymond: emotional research or bursts of art in an ongoing complicity with the Artist. NU2 demands, sets apart and reinvents the visible to project sentiments, dancing, moving to penetrate hearts, print perfection, adventure and respect. The unsuspected, unthinkable discovery of your most intimate core resources treated by the best Artist Photographer of our times!

Large shimmering prints, loved, reworked, perfect vision of a present merging future. Exclusive, individual packages for exclusive subjects. All works become masterpieces with Guy Raymond's competent, vanishing omnipresence. A rare moment to become Privileged!