.03 The Concept ...continued

A concept conceived and studied precisely in order to offer a remarkable result. So every click is a sure value. These are all winning poses, many of which have won numerous international awards.

We create abstract works of art that have won the best Canadian concept of the year for 3 consecutive years.

Merging three exceptional photographers; Sylvester, Sophie Pothier as well as Kelly Ann Ravary, Concept Nu2 has developed expertise in artistic nude, under the artistic direction of the founder and photographer prime 45 times M. Guy Raymond.

A unique and exceptional experience. Not only will you get great pictures worthy of a work of art, but you will grow out of it and you will get personal benefits that will improve self-esteem. An original concept that does well!

Once you enter the studio, you will forget all your worries. Beyond a simple photo session, we make you live an unforgettable experience that we could even qualify as therapeutic.

The main element will be an opaque red and clean fabric which will allow you to cover yourself throughout the session.

The Nu2 experience can be lived alone or as a couple. Capture moments in the picture and keep great memories in your home! An original gift idea to offer.

Designed for everyone, you will be very well framed; We dictate exactly how you place yourself. You will not need to play the actors of Hollywood or the models of Milan.

The poses are all natural and comfortable, no contortion and injury. You will not have to play the stuntmen either!

Note that the session is private and confidential. You will have to fill out a non-publication form that protects you and ensures that your photos will not be published and used under any circumstances.